April in Paris 9

I wish you a great week full of pink light and yellow happiness ;o)


April in Paris 8

Wish you a colourful passover week end ;o)))


April in Paris 7 - For book lovers

Hello friends.

Still bright and sunny in Paris but quite cooler though ... More April-like temperatures ...

A few snapshots from that marvelous place I talked about last year. The wonder of books everywhere !

I wish you a wise and knowledged day ;o)


Diptych 15 - Yellow delicious

Hello everyone.

OMG ... We've had such a delightful weather in Paris ! Argh ... Sunny and warm ... That felt so good.

The light and yellow below come from the adorable organic market "Le marché des enfants rouges" rue de Bretagne, in le Marais in Paris. Such a beautiful place to buy food or to eat (since there are a few nice restaurants there). One of our favorite spots for week ends !

I wish you a bright happy day ;o)


April in Paris 6

Hello friends !

Some of yesterday evening light ...

I wish you a great great monday ;o)


April in Paris 5

Hello everyone.

My path crossed the little fellow below yesterday while walking in Le Marais. He looked like he was enjoying the best possible lazy and peaceful moment in his life.This kind of "raw" expression of a feeling (that you most of the time find on animals) always looks moving to me. No fake, no desguise, just the deep pleasure of being in the moment.

I hope your sunday is the best possible !


April in Paris 4

I wish you a sparkling creative and happy week end ;o)


April in Paris 3 - "Look at the sky"

Hello friends.

Friday again !!!

I wish you a bright sunny day ;o)


April in Paris 2

Hello friends.

Yes ... pink spring IS cute, but let's experiment other colours as well, shall we ?!

I wish you a bright colourful day ;o)


April in Paris 1

Hello everyone.

I can swear ... March was the very best month to hibernate ;o)

And here's come spring with a fresh crispy air, pink tutu flowers, and a yearning for fun !!!

Enjoy yourselves ;o)