Twelve (word) 2 - Love

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Diptych 7 - Evening

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Diptych 6 - Mid winter

Hello everyone.

Yes ... February is time for keeping warm, slow and cosy with piles of scarves and lots of old magazines to keep yourself inspired. Spring still feels sooo far ...

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Diptych week 5 - Slow and lazy

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OMG ... The best week end in ... weeks ... Slow, lazy, ... I really need more like this.

In the diptych, some goat cheese on Poilâne bread at the Café de Flore and that beautiful winter sky !

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"Home and everyday photography" - Interview #14

Hello everyone.

Here we go for some new and oh so interesting interviews ...

Today, Katarina from Bratislava (Slovakia) answers the questions. Let's have a look ...

Photo by Katarina

1. What do you find inspiring in taking photographs of your home and your everyday life ?
It definitely is a form of introspection. I live in a very small place and it took me a few years to get used to it. It felt so unsurprising when I moved in, the limited amount of corners, it looked there's nothing to explore, and I've always liked exploring...old attics, basements, different light in every room. Yet I somehow managed, with the help of my camera, to make the small place as interesting for myself as possible.

Always when I look back at the pictures I've taken, it helps me appreciate what I've got, and to see it with new eyes. I still keep pictures of my old home too, it's a nice reminder of who I was and am now. And it's also quite meditative. Sometimes when I feel restless or uninspired, I just pick a camera and start "writing my diary". It literally takes seconds for new energy and ideas to flow in this way.

2- Out of remembering, testifying, documenting, creating a vision, (other) ... what feels the most important to you ? Why ?
Creating a vision, in my case. For whatever reason you take the picture, you always put a piece of your own vision in it, and it shows, you can't avoid that. With the help of your vision, you document...which leads to remembering, and testifying. So it's connected, I'd say, you can't separate these aspects.

3- What atmospheres and/or emotions do you try to create or to convey ?
It's more like I'm drawn to certain atmospheres instead of trying to create them. Even when I have a concept in my mind, I just try to take advantage of what's already there, the less props, the better. I have very vivid memories of my childhood, of stories people told me and things I used to see daily, and I think I'm often subconciously trying to bring these into photos I make. Most of the time I realise long time after I've taken the photo, or other people who know me notice the connection. So I think nostalgia and mystery are the ones I'm mostly drawn to.

4- Do you like to look at photographs of other people's home and everyday life ? If so, what do you look for and appreciate in these photographs ?
Of course, sometimes when I come across someone's work, I click on their blog or personal portfolio first to get to know them better. Everyday rituals are fascinating, every person, every culture is different, and of course the light in every corner of the world is incomparable. I also love taking pictures in my friends' homes and studios. And a friend once told me it's important to have pictures of your home in your home, that it brings good energy in.

Thank you so much, Katarina, for sharing this beautiful inspiration with us !


You can admire Katarina's amazing work on her blog, Grain and silk, or on her website.

The previous interviews are all here.

I wish you an inspired and creative day ;o)