Diptych 15 - Yellow delicious

Hello everyone.

OMG ... We've had such a delightful weather in Paris ! Argh ... Sunny and warm ... That felt so good.

The light and yellow below come from the adorable organic market "Le marché des enfants rouges" rue de Bretagne, in le Marais in Paris. Such a beautiful place to buy food or to eat (since there are a few nice restaurants there). One of our favorite spots for week ends !

I wish you a bright happy day ;o)


Suzi said...

ohhhh...it looks divine, can't ...May Paris here I come! x

isabelle said...

Avant même de lire. J'ai reconnu le marché!!!
Je "m'absente de la blogo pendant quelques semaines et paf, c'est à ce moment-là que tu publies le plus!