Sunday lunch

Hello folks.

We had some good friends for lunch today, and we prepared some roast pork with figs and prunes along with sauted potatoes and artichokes. The food was good, but not as good as the time spent together !!! And we had the wine in our "Bollywood" glasses, named like this because of their golden decoration ...

Wish you a cosy and quiet evening ;o)

The sky out of my window (turning twenty ...)

Hello friends !

We have an awful storm today in Paris with lots of wind blowing, and the "Sky out of my window" series reaches its twentieth photo !!! You'll get the Flickr slideshow if you click on the capture below ...

I wish you a creative sunday !


Spring coming

I've watched  small  thick willowy green leaves rising out of the ground. It would look like hyacinth but couldn't be ... Now I know !

 More spring ... At last !!!

Wish you lots of beautiful light ;o)


"Home and everyday photography" - Interview #3

Hello everyone.

New wednesday, new interview ... It seems that we have a rythm now !

Today, Tim from That's just it photo shares his answers. He lives in Greensboro (North Carolina - USA). Let's see what he tells us about "Home and everyday photography" ...

Photo by Tim

1- What do you find inspiring in taking photographs of your home and your everyday life ?
I love interior spaces;  textures, light, colors, furniture, materials. I especially love the kitchen. There is always a hundred different things going on in my kitchen, so I often turn to it for inspiration.  Capturing a lifestyle is something I try to convey as well. I am currently working on a small project that will show routine, favorite objects, special places, basically all the constants in my life. It is always nice to see how people live. Every house and its contents are different and I find it fascinating.  So I try to show that through my photos.

2- Out of remembering, testifying, documenting, creating a vision, (other) ... what feels the most important to you ? Why ?
When I started this blog, I didn't think of it much as a form of documentation, or a timeline of sorts. I simply wanted to share my personal style of photography. While I am still growing as a photographer and  my style is constantly changing, I have found that I don't try as hard anymore to just make a great photo.  I want the story behind the picture to be just as substantial.  I want to share why that picture is important, not only for the readers, but also for me. One day I'll look back, and it will be great to see how I have evolved.  Its like a personal, always open, memory box.

3- What atmospheres and/or emotions do you try to create or to convey ?
The emotions and moods that are conveyed through my images usually change constantly. The light is quite poor in my house, so I sometimes don't have a choice of what the outcome will be. I strongly dislike artificial light so relying on the sun is an everyday challenge. While there is often a steady low lit look about them, it really depends on the weather, or the event.  I love looking at a calming picture. So capturing a sense of stillness or peace is something I try to do often.  

4- Do you like to look at photographs of other people's home and everyday life ? If so, what do you look for and appreciate in these photographs ?
I could spend all day looking at images from other artists.  I love the endless styles you come across. Always an inspiration. The artists that I tend to be drawn to the most are the ones with the simplest photographs. Subtle captures of light, buildings, the color green. I am always drawn to food, still interiors and timeless spaces. The unexpected photographs you can stare at all day are the best ones. I love coming across those.

Thank you so much, Tim, for being part of the project !

You can also find Tim on Flickr, here, and on his other blog That's just it sketch, where he draws.

Next interview next week.

I wish you all a very happy day ;o)



Saturday afternoon in the Parc Montsouris, one of Paris' big public garden (south of the city). Spring shyly blooming.

Enjoy your day !


A parisian "croissant" ...

... with a hot hot chocolate ! The best thing for a winter afternoon ...

The previous "goûters" are here.

Wish you a great sunday (without the sun here, unfortunately ...) ;o)


Rien de mieux qu'un bon croissant avec un chocolat bien chaud pour réchauffer un après-midi d'hiver !

Les précédents billets de la série sont ici.

Je vous souhaite un merveilleux dimanche à toutes et à tous ;o)


Sunny morning !

Feels goooood !!!

Wish you a glorious week end ;o)


"Home and everyday photography" - Interview #2

Hello everyone.

The interviews project takes a nice shape ...

Today, I welcome Tara who lives in Tarrytown (NY - USA) and writes the beautiful Eyebuzzgallery.

Here are her answers ...

1- What do you find inspiring in taking photographs of your home and your everyday life ?
i can go for hours without thinking about taking a photo, and then all of a sudden i'll see the way the light is coming in, or notice some small detail in nature out on a walk, or, even, be cooking or eating something and realize i love the colors or textures of it...and then i'm arrested by the impulse to take pictures. it's really about noticing the details around me.

2- Out of remembering, testifying, documenting, creating a vision, (other) ... what feels the most important to you ? Why ?
well, capturing the beauty or the detail of something or some moment is definitely important. but i think the act of noticing things and stopping to look, find the best way of looking at it, and then taking the picture is just as important. process over product, just like they teach in nursery school, i suppose.

3- What atmospheres and/or emotions do you try to create or to convey ?
i think stillness. a pause. which may seem strange because much of my life and my pictures are about doing, and motion: cooking, walking, playing, working. the chaos of a busy home. but i see each picture as a pause, to notice the details that make up the chaos.

4- Do you like to look at photographs of other people's home and everyday life ? If so, what do you look for and appreciate in these photographs ?
it's what inspires me most; pictures of other people's everyday lives. i love glimpses into the daily routines, and the small details and objects that make up other people's homes: the cups they use for their tea; what they cook for their families; how they keep their studios and their children's things. i find so much inspiration on blogs and flickr for my own home and our family routines-both things to emulate, and also that make me recognize the good things we have here, too.

And her Flickr photostream is here.

Thank you Tara for your answers.

The previous interviews are all here.

I wish everyone a great day full of light ;o)


Bonjour à toutes et à tous.

Cette série d'interviews prend forme ... Aujourd'hui, c'est Tara qui nous donne ses réponses, ci-dessus en anglais.

Je vous souhaite une journée pleine d'inspiration et de créativité ;o)


Saturday sushi

Hello everyone !

We defied cold and grey saturday, and lunched in one of our favorite Japanese restaurant. Great food, great place, great moment !

Bonjour à toutes et à tous.

Samedi, nous avons bravé le froid polaire pour aller déjeuner dans un de nos restaurants japonais préférés. On y est jamais déçu !




Hello everyone.

We're having an especially long and cold winter in Paris. But, we're happily reaching Valentine's day tomorrow, which I associate to "mid-winter". It's usually the time when you can see the earliest buds but not this year. We'll have to wait a little longer ...
I wish you a warm and peaceful weekend ;o)

Bonjour à toutes et à tous.

Nous avons un hiver particulièrement long et rigoureux à Paris. Mais heureusement, c'est la Saint Valentin demain, une date qui marque le milieu de l'hiver. C'est en général le moment où l'on voit apparaître les premiers bourgeons sur les arbres mais pas cette année. Il va falloir attendre encore un peu ...

Je vous souhaite un week end bien paisible au chaud ;o)


"Home and everyday photography" - The interviews

Hello everyone.

So ... At the end of my never-ending 2010 photo project post, I wrote about a blog project to come. Here it is !

The story started like this ...

In 1998, I travelled to Santorini, a Greek island, and, for the first time in my life, I realized how interesting it was to look and think about the way people live. I went there thinking I would find wine growers and goat breeders, and I discovered mainly bricklayers and plumbers. Since then, this specific curiosity concerning how people live has never left me, and has definitely changed the way I prepare, live and shoot my trips abroad, but also the way I look at the world around me in France, and even how I consider my own life.

Blogging added its own specific contribution. Throughout more than two years of photo-blogging and Flickring, I've been fascinated by the fact that many of us like to share pictures of their homes and everyday lives, and that many of us equally enjoy to look at these photographs.

The ideas hitched themselves and the "home and everyday photography" soon appeared to me like a subject I'd like to investigate. The idea of the interviews followed.

I summed up my curiosity into four questions that a few persons, I warmly thank, have already accepted to answer.

To start, I'm both proud and honoured to welcome Amanda, who is from Sydney (Australia) and now lives in Vancouver (Canada). Amanda writes the fantastic blog Mocking bird and her beautiful photostream is here

Photo by Amanda.

1- What do you find inspiring in taking photographs of your home and your everyday life?

I believe that taking photographs is all about telling stories and the stories you know best are the ones that you live. There are no truer photographs than those taken of what you know and who you are. How could taking pictures of your own life not be inspiring? I love shooting the things around me that may be ordinary but can be special through a photograph.

2- Out of remembering, testifying, documenting, creating a vision, (other) ... what feels the most important to you? Why?
Ooh, good question. I think that creating a vision is important. Whether it is a photograph of a left over meal in your kitchen or a highly thought out and set up photo shoot in a park, the vision that you create is all that matters. Remembering is just as important, photography is all about memories, is it not?

3- What atmospheres and/or emotions do you try to create or to convey?
I like telling stories and I would hope that my photography encapsulates that. I like my photographs to be soft and subtle. I'm not a big, out there kind of person, I'm more likely to sit in the background and observe and I think my photography shares the same atmosphere.

4- Do you like to look at photographs of other people's home and everyday life? If so, what do you look for and appreciate in these photographs?
I waste more time than I have pouring over photographs of other people's homes and everyday life. They are often the photographs I "fave" on flickr and the articles that I am drawn to on blogs and in magazines. It's probably a part of that thing called voyeurism. I love pictures with lots of bright light, white spaces and things that make me feel comfortable. If a photo can make me want to create a reading nook in my home or a go out and buy myself some peonies to place in a pretty vase, it's doing a good job. Soft, beautiful and full of light. That's pretty perfect to me.

Thank you Amanda for your answers !

I hope you enjoyed this first interview. The next one will come next week.

I wish you a happy quiet day ;o)


Bonjour à toutes et à tous

Dans mon billet concernant mes projets photo 2010, je vous annonçais aussi un projet de blog pour cette année, et le voici !

L'histoire a commencé comme ça ...

En 1998, je suis allée en vacances à Santorin (dans les Cyclades grecques), et, pour la première fois de ma vie, je me suis rendue compte à quel point il était intéressant d'observer et de réfléchir à la façon dont les gens vivent. Dans cette île, je m'attendais à ce que les gens vivent de la vigne et de l'élevage de chèvres, et je me suis rendu compte qu'ils étaient surtout maçons et plombiers. Depuis, cet intérêt particulier pour la vie quotidienne ne me jamais quittée, et a progressivement changé la façon dont je prépare, dont je vis et dont je photographie mes voyages, mais aussi le regard que je porte autour de moi en France, et sans compter mon point de vue sur ma propre vie.

Le web 2.0 a ensuite apporté sa propre contribution. Après plus de deux ans de blog et de Flickr, je trouve toujours fascinant de voir combien d'entre nous aiment partager des photos de leurs maisons et de leurs vies quotidiennes, et de voir aussi que nous sommes au moins aussi nombreux à aimer regarder ces photos.

Les wagons se sont raccrochés, et je me suis dit que j'aimerais bien en savoir davantage sur ce thème "Home and everyday photography". L'idée de faire des interviews a suivi.

J'ai résumé ma curiosité en quatre questions auxquelles quelques personnes (que je remercie chaleureusement) ont déjà accepté de répondre.

Pour commencer, c'est Amanda que j'accueille avec beaucoup de plaisir. Amanda est de Sydney (Australie) et vit à Vancouver (Canada). Son blog s'appelle Mocking bird et vous pouvez la retrouver aussi sur Flickr. La photo qui illustre le billet est à elle.

Les questions-réponses sont ci-dessus en anglais !!!

J'espère que ses réponses vous auront intéressés. Prochaine interview la semaine prochaine.

Je vous souhaite une bonne journée tranquille et paisible ;o)


Indian brunch

Because rainy sundays MUST be good for something ...

Great mood and deco ... And great food !

I wish you a glorious week ;o)


Desperately waiting for spring ...

Hello everyone.

I'm not sure whether it is spring I actually so much long for, or just a little more sun. We've had such a grey and rainy week end in Paris ... Depressing ...
While trying to avoid another shower yesterday afternoon, I entered a very nice florist shop and bought that cute "succulent" (says Google translation ... In French we say something that would literally translate into "fat plant" ...).
As I try to shoot less close ups, I organized a creative sunday morning styling my plump green little friend around the living room.

How do you like ?

Now is sunday morning brunch time. Indian brunch ! I take the camera ...

I wish you a nice and happy sunday ;o)


Bonjour à toutes et à tous.

Bon, en fait je ne sais pas si c'est le printemps que j'attends avec tellement d'impatience, ou si j'aimerais juste un peu plus de soleil, parce qu'on a eu un week end tout gris et pluvieux à Paris ... Mauvais pour le moral ...
En me réfugiant chez un fleuriste hier après-midi, je me suis achetée cette jolie plante grasse, et comme je tente de m'obliger à faire un peu moins de gros plans et un peu plus d'autre chose, j'ai profité de mon dimanche matin pour tirer le portrait de ma nouvelle copine verte et dodue dans mon salon. Comment vous trouvez ?

Et là, on file bruncher. Indien le brunch ... Je prends l'appareil !!!

Je vous souhaite un sympathique et heureux dimanche à toutes et à tous ;o)


The courtyard

Hello everyone.

We live in a very typical beginning-of-the-20th-century parisian building, with a lovely little courtyard that sometimes offers this kind of nice lights and perspectives ...

I wish you a happy creative week ;o)


Bonjour à toutes et à tous.

J'habite dans un immeuble très typique des architectures du début du 20ème siècle, avec une minuscule mais néanmoins ravissante cour intérieure qui offre parfois quelques jolis jeux de lumières et de transparence.

Je vous souhaite une semaine remplie d'heureuse créativité à toutes et à tous ;o)