Trips and journeys

Hi everyone.

OK ... I've just finished changing the name and decorating the place, and I'm actually all busy organising my summer trip to Portugal, with half my brain already there waiting for the rest of me to follow.

It will be my longest trip ever : eighteen days of exploring and visiting. We start with Porto and finish with Lisbon with many stages in between. We'll spend a few days in the Serra da estrela (mountain of the star) which I take for the best possible blessing as far as light and photography are concerned.

Material organisation has already been taken care of, with a nice "Roadbook" full of maps and plans to find places easily and to avoid losing time.

I'm now deep into where and what to see : the major things as well as the ordinary ones such as food markets (always !) and pastries shops since Portugal seems to be a place with lots of sweet delights. But there's also a famous bookshop in Porto. Roman, Moorish and Jewish heritages in some places. And hundreds of churchs and chapels everywhere in old towns and remote villages.

Some big decisions still have to be taken concerning which cameras to take. This is a BIG question as you can guess ! I"ll bring the digital Canon of course. One medium format, the Fuji probably, with lots of Ekar films. I'm still wondering about bringing  a Polaroid or not ...

Besides cameras, I'm bringing gorgeous notebooks to enjoy myself in journaling games. Being away from home is always a great time to think about things and let thoughts express themselves more freely. And I'll also have a laptop to post you some pictures. Stay tuned ...

I wish you a slow and happy week ;o)


Elisabelle said...

C'est chouette! Je te souhaite de douces vacances et je nous souhaite plein d'images à ton retour.
J'adore l'idée des carnets aussi: tu croques ou tu écris?

mariga(z) said...

Jolie photo !
Have a nice trip :)

Catherine said...

@Elisabelle. Merci ! A toi aussi ! On a tous bien besoin de vacances ... Dans les carnets, j'écris. Réflexions, impressions ... Mon petit plaisir. J'aimerais savoir dessiner, mais je fais des photos. C'est déjà ça ;o)
@%Marigaz. Merci ! Compte sur moi ... Je suis fin prête ! Le Road book est beau comme un prix Nobel de littérature ! Et le Netbook est prêt à blogguer ;o)

Barbara said...

hope you enjoy your visit to portugal :)

frieda l'écuyère said...

Profite, profite et ramène-nous de belles images !