Portugal 2010 - Day 4 - Azulejos

Hello everyone.

We're now away from Porto, in the "serra da estrela" (mountain of the star), but I thought I could not go on without showing you some famous azulejos.

Coming from a specific Portugese craft that was improved by the Moors at the time they ruled the place, azulejos can be found almost everywhere, and especially in churches. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous, and since they're one the the most famous trademarks of the country, they're a must !!! It's also the occasion for me to show you Porto's cathedral inside and outside (the first four pictures : the cloister and then the outside) ... Quite stunning. And two other churches (two last pictures).

I wish you an artistic day ;o)


mariga(z) said...

Je prends un retard fou... mais je balade avec plaisir le matin sur ton blog. Mon voyage du jour :)
En tout cas, je suis en extase depuis hier devant ce pont D. Luis !! J'ai un trucs avec les ponts, je sais pas ... mais j'ai toujours trouvé ça fabuleux, surtout les structures en fer :)
Et là, avec cet environnement... J'espère que vous vous régalez !! et n'abusez pas sur les cousins de l'éclair français ;)

Barbara said...

it is amazing the beautiful art that can be found in the azulejos

thanks for sharing! this are just too pretty

Catherine said...

@Marigaz. Oh non, sois tranquille, on a trop chaud pour abuser de nourriture. Juste de boissons fraiches ... Lisbonne devrait bientôt alimenter ta passion pour les ponts ;o)
@Barbara. Azulejos are gorgeous ! I'm glad you like the posts ;o)