Portugal 2010 - Day 13 - Missing the point

Hello friends.

We're on the Alentejano roads again, in Evora this time.

Evora is supposed to be THE jewel, the place to go "Waouhhhh" and forget to close your mouth after, and ... well, I'm just missing the point obviously. I don't see the "Waouhhh".

It's pretty, it's nice, they are a few beautiful buildings, old Moorish fortifications and a Roman temple, but no "Whaouhhh" for me. So I guess we'll go explore a new village today. There are two or three around that are said to deserve a stop. I'll go try to find my "Waouhhh" of the day.

In the meantime, I leave you with pictures of some of the good food we've had : gaspacho and melon with ham. All delicious !!!

I wish you a very tasty day ;o)


Spiruline said...

Et bien je te souhaite une journée "Whaou" au carré pour compenser celle d'hier!

Catherine said...

@Spiruline. Rien hier finalement. Nous sommes restés tranquilles. Tout est venu aujourd'hui (Cabo da roca et arrivée à Lisbonne ;o) Merci !