Before summer comes ...

Hello everyone.

So ... after this intense and fulfilling Roid week, I'm going back to film and medium format.

Some rolls came back from the lab, and before I share some new x pro (stay tuned ... it is getting better ...), I have these daffodils to show you.

First because I'm quite proud of the composition which was not so easy to "organize", and second because I'm madly in love with the saturated colors of the Kodak Ekar film. Really, don't you find it great, the intensity of the green, the depth of the blue, the thickness of the white, the touch of yellow ???

Some years ago I would only shoot, you know, THAT specific film from Agfa, a 50 Iso, which always gave incredible colors. I think I've found what I've been longing for since they have stopped producing it. Thank you Kodak !

I wish you all an intense, deep, thick and passionate sunday ;o)

PS : and, of course, since the picture is square, no need to tell you anymore that it was shot by the Mamiya ...


naz said...

love the focus on the flower and the blurness of the colours around it. love all your pictures and especially the end note of all your posts. :)

Parismages said...

@Naz. Thank you so much ! You noticed my little everyday wish ... My blogo blueprint ;o)