Photographic paradise

Dear dear readers ...

In that post, last week, Jeanine made my day with her gorgeous pictures, and had me laughting by writing "I have died and gone to heaven, people !", and this is exactly how I felt when I received my latest films from the lab last saturday !!!

As I told you in my projects of the year, shooting more film with the Fuji and becoming friends with the Mam were on the list. And the beginnings look rather promising.

I start with the Fuji loaded with Kodak Ektar.

Please, look at this ! I'm ... beyond words ... I already knew THAT camera made beautiful things such as my pictures from Greece, but the quality of the light and colors it delivers always stikes me.

That was shot in Paris, in the Luxembourg garden, which is the big garden of the left bank, the one that is close to the "Quartier latin".

More to come.

I wish you an extatic day ;o)


Angele said...

L'effet de relief qui ressort de la photo est impressionnant! :)

Parismages said...

@Angèle. Je n'en reviens pas moi-même ...