"Home and everyday photography" - Interview #11

Hello friends.

Jamie is the bright young lady behind From me to you. If you don't know her blog yet, be prepared to loose yourself in her gorgeous pictures of New York (where she lives), food, and many other subjects that she artfully shoots. And she also has a lot to say about "Home and every day photography" !

Photo by Jamie

1- What do you find inspiring in taking photographs of your home and your everyday life ?
We surround ourselves with things we love like a blueprint of our past and a bookmark to the page of our present. A person's home is portrait of them and what is so inspiring to me is the many creative ways we can show who we are at that time in our life. When I pick up the camera to capture something of beauty, for me, in front of the lens everything comes alive and tells a story and it's what that story is that makes the image special.

2- Out of remembering, testifying, documenting, creating a vision, (other) ... what feels the most important to you ? Why ?
Creating a vision is the most important thing an artist and photographer can have. Anyone can learn how to share information with f/stops and shutter speeds but it's the perspective of a person's vision that I find the most interesting, challenging, diverse and beautiful. What do you want to say? What can your mind think to create? How do you imagine it? Before I shoot anything I see the image in my head I want to create.

3- What atmospheres and/or emotions do you try to create or to convey ?
I love creating the feeling of nostalgia. Maybe it's because I wish to live in the past so I project my own desires into my work but there is something to the notion of days gone by that I love creatively living in — I guess it's safe there. I don't set out thinking nostalgically in my head but I am drawn to classic or timeless subjects.

4- Do you like to look at photographs of other people's home and everyday life ? If so, what do you look for and appreciate in these photographs ?
I do, I think the contrast of how we all live compared to each other is so interesting while on the other hand exactly the same. Take three homes, each home has a bed but what we choose to do with the bed as a refection of our taste and personalities is vastly different. I love coming in and photographing these little differences and details of loveliness people have taken the time to bring in to their home and hopefully capture the the stack of newspapers or dirty teacup that shows in life how we simply interact. I have a section on my blog called At Home With where you can see some of the places I've been!

Thank you Jamie for these words of wisdom !

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I wish you a lovely day ;o)


mariga(z) said...

Oh oui !! J'ai le blog de Jamie dans ma longuuueee liste d'abonnements sur Mail.... Rien que le design de son blog (pfff d'admiration !) est terriblement inspirant !!

From Me To You said...

Thank you so much for asking me to be apart of your series! It was my pleasure and your blog is but a dream of a lifestyle I wish I had. Thank you for your lovely images and perspective.

Parismages said...

@Marigaz. Pfff ... Son blog est parfait et en plus, son talent photographique est époustouflant ... C'est pour des découvertes comme celles-là que j'aime la blogo !
@Jamie. I'm blushing ... Thank you ;o)

Liya said...

I think it's such a great idea what you are doing with the interviews... there are way too many "cookie cutter" recopy and paste fashion blogs out there and its so refreshing to see some original photography!

Spiruline said...

Décidément, ma liste de blogs photo s'enrichit au fil de tes interview.Celui-là est magnifique, vivement le suivant!

Anonymous said...

Waow son blog est incroyable quelle découverte ! Et ce loft à Brooklyn je rêverais de vivre là ! Jamie your blog is stunning ! Sunny Side

Parismages said...

@Liya. Thank you lady ! I'm no "copy-paste" person indeed ;o)
@Spiruline. Jamie est incontournable !
@Sunny. Merci pour elle ;o)