"Home and everyday photography" - Interview #9

Hello everyone.

Waow ! Today is the 9th interview ... I wouldn't have thought things would go so fast and so well ! Warm thanks to all the photo/bloggers who so kindly accepted to join this project !

Today, Amy from Pretty life photography gives us her answers about "Home and everyday photography". Amy lives in Wisconsin (USA).

Photo by Amy.

1- What do you find inspiring in taking photographs of your home and your everyday life ?
I love the everyday bump and grind of life, especially the unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes life isn't pretty, but for the most part, I truly believe that if you look deeper, pretty is always there somewhere. Some photographs I post for others to see online, some I keep only for myself and my family. Preserving a memory for myself and those I love whom are here now, and for those in the future who want to know more about how life once was, is really where I draw inspiration. I'm a lover of history, especially family histories. In our time it is easy to document life stories through the use of digital photography and the many blogging/journaling spots online. I wish it were this easy when my grandparents were my age.

2- Out of remembering, testifying, documenting, creating a vision, (other) ... what feels the most important to you ? Why ?
This is a hard one for me to answer, as I feel all of them are equally important, but for me personally, I think documenting life seems to be the most important for me at this time. I am a book cover artist, so creating a mood and a vision also comes into play with me, and I think this follows me when documenting my every day life. I like to to document my day by creating just one image that when I look at it I know exactly how I felt and what happened on this day...When you draw on your real emotions, one photograph really can speak a thousand words!

3- What atmospheres and/or emotions do you try to create or to convey ?
I find that I am my most creative, when I am feeling emotional or when it becomes personal to me. This is even true when working a book cover design. Some days I will have to wait until it comes to me, but once it hits, I'm all over it! I think my need for it to be more personal is why I struggle with taking photographs of strangers on a professional level, I could not see myself being a wedding photographer etc.. it's just not for me. I envy those photographers very very much! I do like to try it all! ALL styles and processing techniques. Some days you might be shocked by what I put out there, one day I'm photographing an apple because I'm making apple pies, and the next you might see bits of me in my lacey bra!

4- Do you like to look at photographs of other people's home and everyday life ? If so, what do you look for and appreciate in these photographs ?
I do! But, I seem to be most drawn to "real" life photographs & blogs and we all know that real life isn't always pretty. Home interior design blogs are nice to an extent, but for me, they become very boring & very predictable. I don't want to become boring and predictable in what I do. I like to stretch myself creatively in photography and welcome a chance to get out of my comfort zone, if only to just see how it feels.

Many thanks to you Amy for participating.

Besides her beautiful blog, you can see Amy's pictures on her Flickr stream.

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mariga(z) said...

Je me suis régalée à parcourir le Flikr d'Amy ! Plein d'expérimentation, de styles différents, qui sont en fait très inspirants, des choses très rétro ou très "folklore Us" ou encore des choses plus modernes !!
J'envie cette luminosité ... Wisconsin... mmmm ces états près des grands lacs ;-)

Amy said...

aww catherine;) thank you so much for featuring me. I'm honored ! xoxoxo!

jeanine said...

i am very much enjoying these interviews. ah. la vie des artistes! so inspiring.

Parismages said...

@Marigaz. Encore un voyage à faire ;o)
@Amy. It's such a pleasure to have you in the project !
@Jeanine. I'm happy you do. I'm so thrilled by the series, so fascinating ...