"Home and everyday photograhy" - Interview #10

Hello friends.

Here we are with the 10th interview, and I'm welcoming Claire, aka Clumsy bird, who lives in Vancouver (Canada).

Photo by Claire

1- What do you find inspiring in taking photographs of your home and your everyday life ?
i truly believe that by celebrating the little things, it makes life so much more enjoyable, and it’s those little things that i love to photograph – the way the light comes through the blinds and creates a beautiful light display on my bedroom wall, a colourful stack of dirty dishes waiting to be washed, or the steam rising from a perfectly brewed cup of tea...these are all simple pleasures that add up to so much more.

2- Out of remembering, testifying, documenting, creating a vision, (other) ... what feels the most important to you ? Why ?
it's a different way of seeing the world. i like the way life looks through a lens.

3- What atmospheres and/or emotions do you try to create or to convey ?
i don’t know if I’m trying to convey anything specific, i think i just try to capture the moment and whatever emotions or atmospheres it may hold.

4- Do you like to look at photographs of other people's home and everyday life ? If so, what do you look for and appreciate in these photographs ?
oh absolutely! i’m a little snoopy like that :) i love to see not only other people living their lives in ways (and places) that are completely different to my own, but also how they frame them through a camera. i love to see what real people do with real homes, and with what they have. i am far more inspired by these every day lives and homes than those you find in interior design blogs and magazines, which i think are just too clean, and mostly unattainable. i love the messy and crumpled; to be inspired to make little adjustments to my home after seeing it in others… to hang my polaroids up with pretty japanese masking tape, to number all the steps on my staircase, or to try that new tomato sauce recipe I saw in a photo of someone’s dinner. and then photograph it.

Thanks you so much Claire !

And to see her beautiful pictures, her Flickr stream is here, the amazing photo-blog she shares with her Dad is there, and she has a lovely Etsy store if you want to buy something handmade.

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I wish you a sparkling and creative day ;o)


Spiruline said...

Je partage le point de vue de ton invitée. Le désordre, c'est la vie! Les intérieurs trop léchés et asceptisés me font froid dans le dos... Je m'en vais guigner ses photos!

claire said...

thanks so much for asking me, catherine! i do love this series, and those little peeks into other peoples homes : )

Parismages said...

@Spiruline. Mais elle met le point sur une question de fond : to style or not to style ? Placer le curseur n'est pas toujours simple car tout les désordres ne sont malheureusement pas photogéniques ... Bonne promenade dans ses photos en tous cas. Claire fait des choses magnifiques !
@Claire. Thank you for accepting ! I'm so happy to have you in ;o)

jeanine said...

i've said it before and i'll say it again. i simply love these interviews. they inspire me so. thank you.

Parismages said...

@Jeanine. You're welcome. That's the purpose ! To share and to inspire. Because, it's much more fun to play with friends ;o)

RJ @ A Life Designed said...

Loving this series! Very inspiring... I love taking photos around the home and peeking into others' as well!

Parismages said...

@RJ@Alifedesigned. I'm happy that you like it !